Takumi Design specializes in designing and building highly stylized landscape environments that exemplify a true extension of our client's personality and lifestyle.

Fire Features

Take your backyard to the next level this fall with a ClifRock fire pit or Unilock fireplace!



We have extensive experience designing for residential and commercial purposes. Stone steps to garden plantings and even the occasional maintenance request, we're here to meet the needs of our clients. 


From pools and spas to outdoor kitchens, bars and beyond...  We build comfortable, livable outdoor environments for all different kinds of individuals and families to enjoy.

Green Orientation

Green oriented construction is the next step to a happier and healthier future. Many projects we build include green roofs, walls, wetland restoration, biophilic design and similar sustainable practices. 

Biophilic home gets much needed kitchen renovation

Takumi Design removed this dated 1970’s closed off kitchen and transformed it into an oasis for living. The original kitchen’s limited space and long narrow footprint was opened up to create a larger usable space for cooking and entertaining. Walls were removed to open space to the dining room area and install of large window further connects one’s with the outside environment. A modern feel was needed to match the rest of the home, but there was also a need to stay pure to the stone materials. Rough sawn, 200 hundred year old, repurposed oak boards were used in the fabrication of the glass and wood cabinets. Saw marks and nail holes were contrasted with a clean modern flair to connect to the rest of the home. All cabinets were pickled white and satin finished. A six inch thick, seven foot granite stone bar top was fashioned to provide an inviting natural feel and blur the lines the between the outside and in. The reflection caused by the natural light shining into the room and reflecting off the cabinets makes it so the impact of the natural environment is doubled. Black granite was used for remainder of counter top spaces, with the main granite Stone slab creating an illusion of hovering just above it. New ceramic floors were chosen to simulate a stone slate floor. This tile bordered the adjacent dining room making the space feel more apart of it than ever before. A custom made, LED efficient, wave-bar light was designed and installed to provide a natural glow to the space at night time. This wave light emulates the shape of ocean currents, thus bringing another element into the space. Stainless steel appliances and a farm sink were chosen to compliment the clean modern look of the house as well as the rest of the kitchen.

Cozy apartment gets a makeover, Takumi style.


This second story artist apartment in Somers, New York was a comfy spot, but it lacked serious physical appeal. We decided to give it a Takumi style makeover. Removing the paint-peeled wooden steps and plastic shingle siding, made way for a classic stone castle look. Wooden handrails with Japanese artisan style spindles were added as well as a trellis above the garage. Planting beds were inserted beneath. Come springtime, climbing plants will grow up the walls and wrap along the trellis. Inside, the main room ceiling was opened up and thick, old wooden beams trussed across. The result was a vintage room with stronger visual appeal. Scroll down to the video below for a more detailed look inside.