Takumi Services offers financial assistance to business owners throughout the United States who are in need of a quick infusion of additional capital. Whether it's to finish a job, stock inventory, purchase new equipment, expand, renovate, cover advertising costs or hire additional employees you can trust our dedicated sales representatives to be there for YOU! Our distinctive method of financing is NOT only available for construction related services...

All industry types may apply and be approved!

Being a small business owner, we believe we understand small businesses far better than larger, traditional, mainstream lenders. We differentiate ourselves by working tirelessly to get you the highest dollar amounts, best rates and longest terms possible.

Our desire is to provide an infusion of capital at a reasonable cost to sustain operational expenditures and generate growth for your business! 

Takumi Services typically approves up to 150% of your total monthly deposits and 90% of businesses will qualify for our programs - regardless of the owner's credit.

Unsecured (no collateral required)

No Personal Guarantees (most cases)

No Liens placed on Receivables

Unrestricted (use it for whatever you see fit)

Minimal Documentation to Fund

Funds Available within 2-5 Days

Poor Credit is OK!

No Hidden Costs

1) Downloadable Application (1 Page)

2) 3 Months Most Recent Business Bank Statements

It usually takes only 24 hours time to receive an approval after submitting the necessary documents. To begin the underwriting process and generate an approval unique to your business we simply require the items above to be sent back to us via fax or e-mail.


Email: sales@takumiservices.com

Fax: (914) 302-0135


Please be advised that at this time we cannot offer financial services to start-ups or personal, non-business entities. A minimum of 3-6 months in business and $8,000 gross monthly deposits are required before any capital can be extended.

Contact us any time with questions about submissions or the approval process.

Fill out the form below and a sales representative will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

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